Annual Inspection $190 for Parachutes / $190 for Paragliders

Airworthy inspections are a must for pilot safety or as a check before purchasing a used paraglider or powered parachute. Let us give your canopy a professional annual checkup. We service most all of the current models of canopies except Performance Designs (PD) and Quantum/ High Energy Sports - please contact the manufacturer for service on these two brands. We can also provide you with several replacement Paraglider and Powered Parachute canopies.

For every canopy you send in for inspection/repair, please fill out the Repair Form and the Repair Order (only for repairs) print it out and include it in the box you use to ship your canopy. For an even faster turnaround time include a check made payable to Mojo's Gear in your shipment over $190 for PPC's and $190 for PG's and we will start the inspection immediately after receiving your canopy. Please take a look at our Shipping Instructions!

Our average turn around time is within a week from receiving your canopy (inspections and light repairs). You will recieve a notification once your canopy is next in line. Upon completion, you will recieve a final invoice including return shipping and a paypal money request that you can also pay using a credit card.

If you have a Performance Designs or Quantum canopy we can not service your chute (Inspection or repairs).

Please note! An Inspection can not determine or guarantee how long you will be able to fly your canopy. It gives you a general idea of the condition your canopy is in. It does not mean you can neglect your preflight check or take the performance of the canopy for granted. If your canopy is older than 10-12 years (depending on the manufacturer) we might not deem it airworthy because it exceeds the manufacturers recommended period of use. We can still preform an inspection and will send the results- since the canopy might still pass all individual tests.

A full Inspection includes:

* Visual inspection of top and bottom services and interior
* Porosity check
* Fabric strength test
* Seam test
* Line strength test
* Visual inspection of all lines for wear
* Sample lines length test
* Line symmetry check (check trim with 1 cm tolerance) / detailed trim check on Paragliders
* Check brake lines for wear, proper adjustment and attachment to handle (Paragliders only)
* Riser check and visual inspection for wear, snaps, pulleys, speed system & stitching (Paragliders only)
* A detailed report of your canopy inspection

We recommend a full inspection every year!

Canopy Repair

If you have major damage on your canopy please email pics to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and contact us before you ship the canopy!
The cost of any required repair to a glider/chute is subject to an hourly rate of $60, that includes the cost of fabric. We highly recommend an inspection with any repairs that have to be performed, since a lot of times other damages resulting from the same incident get overlooked or can't be revealed without a full inspection (i.e. tree landing, prop damage, canopy stretched out of trim...). If you choose not to get an inspection we will only perform the repairs on the damages that you mark on the repair order.
Should the final cost be higher than what you were quoted in the estimate we will contact you. We will not perform any repairs without your authorization.

Who is Mojo’s RipAir?

We are a full service repair center for almost all types of powered parachutes and paragliders. We do first-in, first-out business and usually are very busy, however we hav ebeen able to achieve turn around times within a week after we receive your canopy (inspections and light repairs). We perform repairs to your equipment as if it were our own personal flying gear, and strive to earn your continued business.

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